About Us

Our Heritage

The Linen Company brings to you internationally acclaimed, commendably chic and flawlessly designed home textiles right here in Lahore! We specialize in designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide diversity of home textiles to multiple international retailers; and now we have brought these luxurious home textiles home!

The Linen Company employs the finest fibers (1000 thread count and 750 thread count) and most skilled artisans to craft products that embody luxury, comfort and creativity all in one. Our aim is to capture the spirit of all personalities, ages and tastes through our designs. Our various collections - Everyday Essentials, Hotel Classics, Linen Royale, Wedding Bells, TLC Babies and Kids offer something for every need and occasion.

Every room in your house has a different aura and tells a different story. Now you have a chance to design your own story, one room at a time. Visit our store now to get inspired.

Transform your space, tell your story!

 About The Nishat Chunian Group:

From a modest start in 1990 with a spinning mill of only 14,400 spindles, Nishat Chunian Ltd. has grown to become the fourth largest textile company in Pakistan (in terms of sales). It is now a vertically integrated textile company with a yearly spinning production of 75,000 tons of yarn, 3 million meters of greige fabric in weaving and 4 million meters of finished fabric.

In 2007, Nishat Chunian Group diversified into the power sector by setting up a 200 MW Independent Power Plant followed by incorporation of Nishat Chunian USA Inc. in 2013. To cope up with escalating energy demand, NC Electric was set up in 2014. Continuing its diversification policy, the Group founded NC Entertainment in 2015.

In 2016, we expanded into the local retail sector with the opening of “The Linen Company”, a world-class, home textiles and bed linen store recently launched in Lahore. Offering a vast array of designs, thread counts and qualities for home and hospitality. Specializing in high end products like sheets in Supima® Cotton and thread counts as high as 750 and 1000.

Today, The Nishat Chunian Group consists of six companies – Nishat Chunian Limited (a textile company), Nishat Chunian Power Limited (a power generation company), Nishat Chunian USA Inc. (Incorporated in USA), Nishat Chunian Electric Corporation Ltd.(a captive power generation company) and Nishat Chunian Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (an entertainment company) and The Linen Company (a local retail brand).